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We focus on magnesium alloy materials for reducing carbon footprint!

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Thanks once again for doing a great job Frank, It turned out fabuous and our client was over the moon when we delivered yesterday. They are on of our key clients that drop a lot of monney on a regular basis with us. And it turn any work that I can pass to you I shall. Have a great day. Regards, Lynne

—— Lynne

Vera, always a pleasure doing business with a company that is so efficient and offers quality and service. Looking fowardt to meeting you at your worhshop for talking our next step cooperation. Have a nice weekend!

—— Rob

Hi Frank, please see proof of payment attached. Thank you for your superb service. It is such a pleasure to do business with people like you! Kind regards, Petra

—— Petra

Great thank you! So nice to find a company with such great quality and service, thanks again. We are planing a repeat order in a couple of weeks. Leigh

—— Leigh

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the best manufacturer and supplier of magnesium alloy plate, sheet, rod, billet, bar, wire and profile from China

About Us
Xi'an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Materials Co., Ltd (XYMCO) is one of the leading manufacturer of magnesium alloy products located in Xi’an Economic Development Zone, Shaanxi, China, who is specialized in the development, ...
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Xi'an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Materials Co., Ltd produces the Magnesium-Rare Earth Alloys, including Magnesium-Scandium, Magnesium-Yttrium, Magnesium-Lanthanum, Magnesium-Cerium, Magnesium-Praseodymium, Magnesium-Neodymium...
Quality Control
Xi’an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Material Co., Ltd. QUALITY POLICY XYMCO is committed to the continuous improvement of our quality system. Our goal is to provide high quality magnesium materials and services that meet ...
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Address : Room 913, Wenjing Plaza, Fengcheng 11 Road, Xi'an Economic Development Zone, Xi'an 710065, Shaanxi, China
Business Phone :
86-29-8263-6374(Working time)