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We focus on magnesium alloy materials for reducing carbon footprint!

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Xi'an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Materials Co., Ltd

Customer Reviews
Thanks once again for doing a great job Frank, It turned out fabuous and our client was over the moon when we delivered yesterday. They are on of our key clients that drop a lot of monney on a regular basis with us. And it turn any work that I can pass to you I shall. Have a great day. Regards, Lynne

—— Lynne

Vera, always a pleasure doing business with a company that is so efficient and offers quality and service. Looking fowardt to meeting you at your worhshop for talking our next step cooperation. Have a nice weekend!

—— Rob

Hi Frank, please see proof of payment attached. Thank you for your superb service. It is such a pleasure to do business with people like you! Kind regards, Petra

—— Petra

Great thank you! So nice to find a company with such great quality and service, thanks again. We are planing a repeat order in a couple of weeks. Leigh

—— Leigh

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Xi'an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Materials Co., Ltd

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Xi'an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Materials Co., Ltd Xi'an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Materials Co., Ltd Xi'an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Materials Co., Ltd Xi'an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Materials Co., Ltd Xi'an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Materials Co., Ltd Xi'an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Materials Co., Ltd Xi'an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Materials Co., Ltd Xi'an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Materials Co., Ltd Xi'an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Materials Co., Ltd Xi'an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Materials Co., Ltd
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Company Details:

Business Type : Manufacturer
Main Market : North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
No. of Employees : 100~200
Annual Sales : 300millon-800millon
Year Established : 2010
Export p.c : 80% - 90%

Xi'an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Materials Co., Ltd (XYMCO) is one of the leading manufacturer of magnesium alloy products located in Xi’an Economic Development Zone, Shaanxi, China, who is specialized in the development, manufacture and supply of magnesium alloy products worldwide included magnesium tooling plate, magnesium alloy plate, magnesium alloy sheet, magnesium alloy slab, magnesium alloy bar, magnesium alloy billet, magnesium alloy rod, magnesium alloy tube, magnesium alloy pipe, magnesium alloy profile, magnesium welding wire, magnesium alloy extrusion, magnesium alloy stamping, magnesium alloy casting, magnesium alloy forging and semi - fabricated component according to customer’s design.


We comply with the specifications:

AMS4377G, AMS4382, AMS 4350M, ASTM B90/B90M-15, MIL-DTL 32333, MIL-T-38749, QQ-M-44B, ASTM B107/B107M-13 and ASTM B91-97, GB5153-03, GB5154-04,

Material grades: AZ31B, AZ61A, AZ80A, AZ91D, AZ41M, ZK60, AM50, AM60, ZM21, MIA, ME20M, EQ21, WE43, WE54, ZE41, etc.


Our main products and capabilities are as follows:

1. Magnesium tooling plate: Max. Thickness: 300mm; Max. Width: 2000mm; Max. Length: 6000mm

2. Magnesium alloy cast slab: Max. Size: 350 x 1100 x 3000mm

3. Magnesium alloy sheet: Min. Thickness: 0.5mm; Max. Width: 600mm; Max. Length: 2000mm

4. Magnesium cast billet: Min. Diameter 90mm; Max. Diameter: 800mm; Max. Length: 6000mm

5. Magnesium alloy extruded wire: Dia.1.0mm – 8.0mm in spool.

6. Magnesium alloy extruded rod: Min. Dia. 8mm; Max. Diameter: 450mm; Max. Length: 3000mm

7. Bespoke Magnesium extrusions

8. Magnesium-Lithium Alloy rod, sheet, plate and tube

9. Magnesium – Rare earth Alloy Ingot

10. Magnesium Anode


Since XYMCO first produced magnesium alloys in 2010, XYMCO has acquired much technical expertise in magnesium alloy products based on our relentless passion and hard work, our magnesium alloy specialist successfully developed many kinds of magnesium alloys and its products, our team always complies with the high - level specifications like the ASTM, AMS, MIL and GB to operate all processing, and our team has built an enviable reputation based upon quality, service and innovation. Our products are used extensively for applications in aerospace, aviation, textile machinery, 3C, mould/tooling, vibration testing system, electronics, automotive, photoengraving and power generation industries. Whether in Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America, South America or South Africa, our magnesium alloy products have been exported there.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipments like the Melting Equipments, Casting Equipments, Cutting Machines, Surface Treatment Machines, Heat Treatment Equipments, Extrusion Equipments, Hot Rolling Machines, etc, and accurate testing instruments like the Spectrometer, UT testing Equipment, X-Ray Testing Equipment, Mechanical Properties Testing Equipment, Chemical Analysis Lab, etc, and advanced processing technologies and our specialist team makes sure that our company is the first one to identify new customer requirements and to develop and bring solutions to the marketplace faster than our competitors, and it also makes sure that our quality is gorgeous, delivery is timely and price is attractive.

Our aim is to continue to build lasting relationships with our clients by working with them, and to develop new magnesium alloy products (We are researching and developing the new alloys such as the Mg-Li Alloy and Mg-Rare Each Alloys) to bring weight savings and performance improvements to our customer’s requirements.

For more information concerning technology, research, development, processing and RFQ for magnesium alloy products, contact our Sales Team at +86 29 8263 6374 or E-mail sales.magalloys@qq.com.



Frank Zhang
International Sales Manager
Xi'an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Materials Co., Ltd
Room 913, Wenjing Plaza, Fengcheng 11 Road,

Xi’an Economic Development Zone,

Xi’an 710065, Shaanxi, China

Tel.: +86 29 8263 6374
Mobile: +86 189 6693 5266 (WhatsApp)
E-mail: sales.magalloys@qq.com

Skype: frankzhang051001
Website: www.magrealloys.com



Contact Details
Xi'an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Materials Co., Ltd

Contact Person: Mr. Frank Zhang

Tel: 86 189 66935266

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